Why Square Dance?

Fun - That is the entire purpose of square dancing. There are no judges, no rating, grading or scoring. No one is a winner but more importantly, no one is a loser. Everyone dances just for the joy of moving to the music together. All types of music are used. If it has a good strong beat it can be a square dance. The cost of square dancing is kept as low as possible so it can be enjoyed by everyone.

Friendship - Square dancing is done by all sorts of people who have nothing else in common other than their love of the dance. 'Shop talk' is never a problem at a square dance because people have so many different back grounds. 

Family - Ages 10 -100 - Everyone dances together. Children who are too young to dance can come and play in the dining area. A safe, bright, clean environment. Singles welcome, partners are encouraged, but not required. This is a life long activity.

Focus - Engage your brain cells to follow the calls. Simon Says, to music, in teams, with everyone moving together. The dances are not memorized, just the calls are learned. The sequence of the calls is changing all of the time. Your next move depends on the call and where you are in the square. You must be completely focused on the dance to complete the action. 

Footsteps - 9 to 10,000 steps in an evening. Low impact aerobics with arm movements. Laughter is good for your lungs. This is a lot more fun than just walking around the block. The turning and arm movements increase balance.

Frequency - There is a dance every Friday & Saturday night in the Spokane Area. With 22 clubs in the area somebody is always doing something. Square dance around the world. Calls are always in English. Smiles are universal.

Fun - Smiles issued at the door. Laughter required. No penalty box, no time out, no one is counting errors. Your mind must be completely in the dance. A mini-vacation for your thoughts, just dance.

Learn to Square Dance

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Blast High Speed Class - July 3 - 6 to 8 pm -  Western Dance Center

Round Dance Lessons - Sept 9 - 7:15 to 9:30 pm - Western Dance Center

Intro Dance - Sept 7 - 8 to 10 pm - Harding Center CdA

Intro Dance - Sept 13 - 8 to 10 pm - Western Dance Center 

Intro Dance - Sept 20 - 8 to 10 pm  - North Spokane Dance Center 

Beginner Lessons - Sept 26 - 7 to 9 pm - North Spokane Dance Center

Beginner Lessons - Oct 3 - 7 to 9 pm - Western Dance Center

Dance seems to be the ultimate frivolity, how did it become a human necessity?





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