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The Mission of the Spokane Area Council

1. To promote a spirit of friendship & tolerance among  
      people through dance & fellowship;

2. to assist in the formation & development of square, round & folk dance groups;

3. to represent square, round & folk dancing activities as wholesome & recreational to the highest standard;

4. to promote square, round & folk dancing functions to the general public.

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Marguerite Villars is going into surgery right now at Sacred Heart. Allan just called and said that she has a twist fracture of the femur and they are going to put in a rod. No visitors, please, she needs to rest and regain her strength. She will be groggy after surgery due to the anesthetic and not be able to talk much.

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Autumn Level Party Dances


                    NO PEANUTS 

                    at any function. 

At least three of our dancers have severe, life threatening, allergies to peanuts. These allergies could cause them to stop breathing. 

The peanut oil on your hand after you ate a cookie could cause them to have a reaction. Peanut dust in the air from opening a can of peanuts can result in respiratory problems. 

It really is that dangerous. These dancers and their families will not be able to travel to other clubs unless we all ban peanuts from our halls.

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