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Valley Cross Trailers

Western Dance Center

1901 N Sullivan Rd., Spokane Valley, WA 99216


4th Fridays - October to May

7 pm Plus with Rounds

8 pm Mainstream with Rounds

Caller: Doug Davis - Cuer: Guest


3rd Fridays - September to May

7 pm Plus with Rounds

9 pm Advance Squares

Callers/Cuers: Doug Davis & Adam Christman


For dancers who have completed Plus Level Lessons

Absolutely NO peanuts at any function

Gates to Sullivan Park will be locked at 11:00 pm.

Do not leave cars in the lot overnight.


Priscilla & Doug Davis


Doug & Priscilla Davis.jpg

Vice President

Chris Smith

(509) 891-0453


Kathy Peake

(509) 995-5207


Tony Serduck

(509) 993-6084


Doug Davis

(509) 979-2607

ddavis pic.jpg


Adam Christman

(406) 871-0607

Adam Christman Headshot.jpeg
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