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  1. If a club considers one special dance each dance season as their “special” dance and will not distribute banners they need to be advertised as such.

  2. Clubs need not wear traveling outfits to be considered for a banner. They may wear their club outfit, or wear holiday/theme appropriate clothing.

  3. Six or more dancers qualify for a banner.

  4. Clubs may award as many banners as clubs signed in as a travel at each dance.

  5. Clubs that travel need not contact the club they plan to visit, however it would be courteous to do so.

  6. When a club steals a banner, they should not take another before the original club retrieves the first banner.

  7. Clubs should not return banners at the end of the dance year.

  8. Dancers with multiple club memberships may sign in as either club at a dance to complete a square, but only as a member of one club per dance.

 It should be up to the individual clubs if their travel/caravan chairman   

 would like to meet before or early in the dance season to coordinate

 travels between their clubs.

 Adopted 1-13-19

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