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Dancing is fun. It is also a good healthy exercise without physical exertion and keeps the mind active and alert.  Many medical authorities have quoted studies that have shown the benefits of dancing.  Live up to ten years longer.  We have friendly people with lots of social contacts.  Singles, couples and families enjoy our activities.  We have a variety of dancing such as: square dancing, round dancing, clogging, and line dancing.  Our activities are economical and substance free.  We have some activities almost every day of the week.  Come and join us!  Visit our website at: www.squaredancespokane.org, or visit us on Facebook at: Spokane Area Council of Square and Folk Dancers, or you may call us: Publicity at (509) 979-2607 or webmaster at (509) 927-4592.

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New Dancers Wanted! We want you to join us in square dancing, round dancing, and/or clogging.  Learn more about each type of dance.  Also, learn about our lessons.

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Information: Call webmaster at (503) 746-6733
or president at (509) 481-0331 or E-mail: web@squaredancespokane.org