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Condensed Teach Order

12 Sessions

This is the list of the calls that are being taught in the 12 week lesson plan. As you can see there are a lot of calls. With this many different formations to work with a caller can keep the floor dancing to very creativechoreography.

Each week at lesson the caller must review all of the previous moves as well as teach the new ones. This list was developed with the input of a lot of callerswho’s only goal is to get more people dancing.

The most important thing dancers can do to growtheir clubs is to angel at lessons andwelcome new dancers into the activity from the first call of‘Circle Left’.

Session 1

Circle Left / Right
Forward and Back
Wheel Around
Star Left / Right
Allemand Left / Arm Turns
Right & Left Grand / Weave the Ring
Ladies Chain

Session 2
Lead Right / Left
Veer Right / Left
Bend the Line
Pass Thru

Session 3
Ladies in Men Sashay
Half Sashay
Slide Thru

Session 4
Grand Square
Alamo Style
Swing Thru

Session 5
Trade By
Chain down the Line

Session 6
Square Thru
Wheel & Deal

Session 7
Touch 1/4
Single Hinge
Scoot Back
Ferris Wheel

Session 8
Pass to the Center
Centers In
Cast Off 3/4

Session 9
Pass the Ocean

Session 10
Fold / Cross Fold
Spin the Top

Session 11
Sweep a Quarter

Session 12
Flutter Wheel / Reverse Flutter
Tag the Line / Half Tag

Future Meetings

SAC Board meeting Dec.13, 2015 -
3 pm at NSDC

2017 Festival Committee meeting - Jan. 3, 2016
2 pm at NSDC

SAC General meeting Jan. 10, 2016 -
3 pm at WDC

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