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Spokane Intro Dances
Ice Cream Socials - Admission is FREE

Wednesday - Sept. 9 - NSDC - 7 to 9 pm
7424 N Freya, Spokane

Friday - Sept. 11 - WDC - 8 to 10 pm
1901 N Sullivan Rd, Spokane Valley

Friday - Oct. 2 - NSDC - 8 to 10 pm
7424 N Freya, Spokane

Friday - Oct. 9 - WDC - 8 to 10 pm
1901 N Sullivan Rd, Spokane Valley

Ages 8 to 88, everyone dances together. Family friendly fun. Noncompetitive, all we are looking for is a happy evening of moving to the music. No score or rating. Gentle exercise with so much laughter you will lose track of time. Meet new people from all walks of life who enjoy dancing. All varieties of music.This is not what you did in high school . Come as you are, casual dress. No special equipment needed. Bring a big smile and a relaxed attitude.

Square dancing is friendship set to music.

Fall & Winter 2015-2016

Eastern Washington and North Idaho Communities

Gary Baker Western Dance Ctr, 1901 N Sullivan Rd, Spokane Valley,
Sept 20 2:00 PM 406-450-5052

Don McPeak Edgemere Grange, Priest River, ID
Oct 4 6:00 PM 208-946-0741

Adam Christman Cheney City Hall, 602 2nd, Cheney, WA
Sept 14 6:30 PM 509-235-6066

Bob Amsbury Western Dance Center, 1901 N Sullivan, Spokane Valley
Jan 4 7:15 PM 509-328-5175

Rob Krum North Spokane Dance Center, 7424 N Freya, Spokane WA
Oct 6 7:00 PM 509-768-7777

Don McPeak Seltice Elementary School, Post Falls, ID
Sept 15 6:00 PM 208-818-2882

Vern Boggs North Spokane Dance Center, 7424 N Freya, Spokane
Oct7 7:00 PM 509-484-5068

Dan Preedy Western Dance Center, 1901 N Sullivan, Spokane Valley
Sept 16 7:00 PM 509-270-9264

Dan Preedy Western Dance Center, 1901 N Sullivan, Spokane Valley
Jan 6
7:00 PM 509-270-9264

Adam Christman Harding Center, 411 N 15th, Coeur d’Alene ID
Sept 23 6:30 PM 208-586-3326

Adam Christman Harding Center, 411 N 15th, Coeur d’Alene ID
Jan 6
6:30 PM 208-586-3326

Bob Amsbury North Spokane Dance Center, 7424 N Freya, Spokane,
Sept 24 7:00 PM 509-328-5175

D Davis/A Christman Western Dance Center, 1901 N Sullivan,
Sept 17 7:00 PM 509-979-2607

D Davis/A Christman Western Dance Center, 1901 N Sullivan,
Jan 7 7:00 PM 509-979-2607

Ed Schiffner Sinto Sr Center, 1124 W. Sinto. Spokane WA
Sept 24 4:00 PM 509-928-3525

Butch Suttey Twin City Square Dance Center, 2130 5th Clarkston
Oct 1 7:00 PM
(208) 503-0551

Gary Potratz Lena Whitmore Grade School, 110 S Blaine, Moscow
Oct 17 6:30 PM 208-310-9280


N Leisi/D Bailly Basic Waltz & 2-step, Western Dance Center,
Sept 20 4:00 PM 509-710-8608

Doug Davis Advanced Lessons, North Spokane Dance Center
Oct 4 5:30 PM 509-979-2607

Claudia/Bob Amsbury Round Dance Basics, Western Dance Center
Sept 14 7:15 PM 509-328-5175

N Leisi/D Bailly Round Dance Lessons, Cheney City Hall,
Sept 14 8:00 PM 509-710-8608

Vern Boggs A-2 Workshop/Class, North Spokane Dance Center
Oct 5 6:30 PM 509-484-5068

Vern Boggs Plus Workshop/Class, North Spokane Dance Center
Oct 5 8:00 PM 509-484-5068

Jack DeChenne Rounds-Tango, Phase III-V, Western Dance Center
Oct 6
7:30 PM 509-238-4359

Dan Preedy Plus Lessons, Western Dance Center
Sept 16 8:30 PM 509-270-9264

Adam Christman Plus Lessons, Harding Center, 411 N 15th, CdA
Sept 23 8:00 PM 208-586-3326

N Leisi/D Bailly Rounds, Phase III, East Spokane Grange,
Sept 17
7:00 PM 509-710-8608

Are you Bi-dance-ual or

Many clubs have more female dancers than male dancers. In order to keep from sitting on the side lines many gals have learned to dance the guys part. By being flexible and willing to do something different they keep dancing. It doesn’t matter which side you are on, Belle or Beau, Gull or Buoy, the dance is the object. If you are the one who can fill out a square by dancing which ever position is needed, you keep seven other people dancing.

One night we made an all female square. All of us in the square could dance either position. Of course, we danced right in front of the caller. Of course, he refused to look at us. We kept exchanging positions as we were dancing. Was that the reason he ignored us? Or was it the spare girl that kept cutting in? At the end of the set he referred to us as a bi-dance-ual square. Since then I have heard another term is ambi-dance-trous.

The easiest way to become bi-dance-ual is to go through lessons, from the beginning, in the other position. While you are at lessons you need to stay on the new side. Don’t switch back and forth. Once you are in the mind set you will learn faster. It helps if you at least start with an experienced dancer for partner and your corner. The left allemande is one of the hardest parts to relearn because it is one of the first things we learned.

When new dancers see the wrong sex coming at them in a right & left grand it throws them off. Make brightly colored tabards with BOY in large letters on the front and back. Wearing one of these will help all the dancers know you are in the guys part. A small badge can’t be seen. A cap is a good idea for a girl dancing the man’s part because the caller can see the top of her head and be reminded that she is on the he side. The British driving cap I wear seems to help remind me that I am a gent, maybe its a foreign weight on my head that triggers my thinking “I’m a boy, I’m a boy, I’m a boy.”

I was admiring a large stretchy beaded bracelet on a gal at the last national and she told me it was her boy-girl bracelet. When she danced the girl side she put it on her right hand to remind her to side through turn right and when she danced the boy side she wore it on the left wrist to slide through turn left. The Japanese dancers at Nationals wore a wide diagonal sash when they danced the male side.

Some people think that going to new dancer lessons is boring. They know how to dance so well they don’t want to dance with new dancers. Well, I challenge you to go through lessons and become ambi-dance-trous. Let’s see how fast and how well you learn on the other side.

When I make a mistake while dancing the boy side, I excuse it by saying, “The sex change operation didn’t go very well!”

Pictures of the 2015 Washington State Festival

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