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64th National Square Dance Convention


A great time was had by all of the 91 dancers from Washington that attended the convention. Of course we had to keepexplaining that we were from the‘other Washington’ not D.C.

The New England States are the birthplace of Americanindependence. Many of us took advantage of the tours offered by the convention. To actually stand on the site were the first rounds were fired by theMinute Men and the Red Coats really brings history closer.

Thisconvention was right in the middle of downtown Springfield. It was held at the convention center and threeof the neighboring hotels. All of the hotel staff I talked to said that square dancers were very enjoyable guests and did not cause any problems.

We got a lot of funny looks from the ordinarypeople in the area. Since we were right downtown we went to localrestaurants and the hotels had lots of regular guests as well as dancers. The weather was perfect for our stay.

The last tally that I saw was 4003 for the total number of dancers attending. If you weren’t there you misses a great convention.

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