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What is a Club?

The club's primary goal is to promote and advance square dance as a recreational activity. Typically clubs accomplish this goal through the following activities:

  • Providing a place for socialization and possible lifelong friendships.

  • Providing classes and other training opportunities to new, as well as experienced dancers

  • Showcasing the activity through public performances

  • Organizing dances

  • Participation in other associations dedicated to the promotion and advancement of square dancing

  • Providing employment and training opportunities to square dance callers and cuers & aspiring callers and cuers..

This is not an exclusive list, and square dance clubs are constantly on the look out for new ways to achieve their goals. Associations, partnerships and other cooperative ventures have become increasingly more important to square dance clubs.

Why join a Club?

Area Clubs
CQ LOGO  copy.png
Coeurly Q's
Diamond Squares
Heart Beats
Hoodoo Valley Hoedowners
Model T .jpg
Model T Squares
North Spokane Dance Association
Octo-Plus Squares
Round up.jpg
Roundup Workshop
Spokane Area Council
Spokane Area Callers & Cuers
carosel .jpeg
Spokane Carousels
StarShooter copy.jpeg
Star Shooter
Twin City Twirlers
Valley Cross trailers.jpg
Valley Crosstrailers
Basset Hound_edited.jpg
Wag Arounds
dancers 5.gif
Western Dance Association
Wild transpartent.png
Wild Rose Ramblers
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