15 Ways to Kill a Square Dance Club

Sets in Order - March 1966

1. Don’t Attend - They will have enough without you

2. Don’t Pay Your Dues - The club treasury is loaded. They don’t need your money

3. Ignore All Guests - You didn’t invite them so why be nice to them?

4. Dance Only With Your Own Clique - After all you are the only ones who know how to dance.

5. Complain - Gee Whiz, can’t they do anything right?

6. Gripe About the Club Officers - But never, do anything to help.

7. Never Serve on a Committee - And if you are put on one "nuts" to them.

8. Deride the Caller - You know more about dancing than he does.

9. Never Invite Guests - It’s too much trouble; but if you do be sure they are below the level of your club.

10. Don’t Learn Anything New - you know enough to get by; how can you be sure something new will be fun.

11. Jabber and Talk While a Dance is Going On - You’re not interested in what the caller is saying, so why should anyone else be.

12. If Anyone Has To Sit Out A Dance, Be Sure It’s A Guest - It’s you club, isn’t it?

13. Don’t Smile - Show everyone you aren’t having a good time.

14. Belittle Your Dance - Tell everyone how good the other dances are.

15. You’re Always Right - Everyone else makes mistakes, not you.

And if this doesn’t kill your club, you may find that some of your fellow members are ready and willing to eliminate you.

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