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Rest Area

Schedule for 2020 


Eastbound Sprague Lake

REMEMBER - If you try to take one of the cut throughs the fine is about $600. Go to the Tokio exit and turn back there.

Schedule for 2021

June 2 to 6 - Wed to Sun

July 1 to 5 - Thur to Mon

August 4 to 8 - Wed to Sun

September 2-6 - Thur to Mon

Note From Marguerite Villars:


This is a fund raiser for the North Spokane Dance Center. It helps to pay the property tax and other expenses.

You can put the cookies in the freezer in the basement of the NSDC. There are snack bags in the door of the freezer.
Please wrap or bag the cookies. If you put them in in bakery boxes they will become freezer burned and dry.

There are ice cream buckets on top of the freezer to put the cookies in. Store bought cookies are fine. 

Safety Rest Areas - Free coffee program

This program is very popular and benefits the public, participating volunteer groups and the WSDOT. For Safety Rest Areas with high volumes of visitors there is usually a list of groups waiting to participate and reservations for time slots may be arranged a year or more in advance. Other rest areas with fewer visitors may not have the "Free Coffee Program" or limit the times when free coffee may be served.

If you or a group you are associated with is interested in participating in this program, you will need to contact the local area maintenance office for the Safety Rest Area you are interested in serving.

Free Coffee Program Rules:

  1. Organizations must obtain a permit and reserve a time slot in advance.

  2. Participants must be Non-profit Organizations and will be required to provide proof of status (State UBI number or Federal EIN number) and personal affiliation with the organization.

  3. Permits are nontransferable.

  4. This program is to be conducted for improving the safety of highway travel, not as an advertisement of any organization, special interest, or activity.

  5. Refreshments offered are to be free of charge to the public. Donations are allowed and solicitations are prohibited.

  6. Handouts or posting of printed material is prohibited. Cups may not carry advertising.

  7. No pets allowed within coffee/refreshment serving enclosure.

  8. The serving organization may have two (2) signs designating the organization. For example, "Free Coffee, Compliments of ____________________." Maximum size of these signs shall be 18"x24".

  9. Violation of any rules may result in cancellation of future reservations for the offending organization.

  10. Please contact the area maintenance office responsible for the Safety Rest Area you are interested in to find out about any additional rules and local requirements for obtaining permits and making reservations.

  11. The Area Maintenance Office for Sprague Lake is 509-324-6583

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