Youth Scholarship Fund

   The Square & Folk Dance Federation of Washington, Inc. is accepting applications for the merits based $500.00 scholarship from youth members active within our clubs and councils.

Eligibility Requirements

Applicants must be active members in good standing of a Washington State      
          Federated Club.

Applicants must be 17 through 22 years of age.

Applicants must show a commitment to the promotion of square dancing.

Funds must be used to further education beyond high school

Application Procedures

A completed application form

A letter of nomination from an un-related adult, active member in good  
          standing of a Washington State Federated Club.

An essay on you involvement in square dancing, how it had impacted your  
          life, and how you would help square dancing grow and why you
          deserve this scholarship.

A short paper telling us about yourself ( hobbies, sports, family, goals….),        
          including your volunteer work.

Application form must contain the following information








Graduation Year:

Collage or Trade School You Will Be Attending


          City & State:

          Area of study or major:

Club Affiliation(s):


Number of years danced:

Application Deadline is April 1

Please send all applications by mail or email to the State Youth Coordinator

Also on the state web site

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