SAC Nominating Committeeman to the State Federation

These officers shall perform the duties prescribed by these bylaws and by the parliamentary authority adopted by the SAC.

8.  SAC Nominating Committeeman to the State Federation shall:
A. attend the fall and winter State Federation meetings;
     B. prepare a slate of candidates for the State Federation Nominating Committee with a written 
          summary of the candidate’s qualifications, consent of the candidate is required;
     C. be reimbursed by the State Federation for travel and lodging expense at the rate the
          State Federation allows.

1. Between September and January, each committeeman will ideally obtain one candidate for each State Office. You will find it is relatively easy to get candidates for Vice President, Treasurer and Corresponding Secretary. President and Recording Secretary are harder to get because peopler afraid of the job, or do not want to run against an incumbent who they feel is sure to be elected. This is where you, as Nominating Committeeman, must put forth some effort and salesmanship to obtain candidates.

2. Review the qualifications required for each state office and be sure each of your nominees have at least the minimum requirements before accepting their names. (See Article IX State Bylaws and Standing Rules).

3. Prepare you nominees resume following the example in Section III of the General Instructions.
A. Have your Candidate(s) provide you with their list of qualifications and a black  and white photograph. Be sure to include the spouse’s name, address, phone number, club and council.
B. If your candidate has a long list of qualifications, review it with them and condense it as much as possible with our omitting important features. The intent is to make the resume concise, pertinent and readable, The resume YOU provide is the only information used in selecting a candidate to be place on the State ballot and information sheet.

4. When you have the resumes prepared (typewritten), please make fourteen (14) copies, one for each of the other Council Nominating Committeemen (12) and two (2) for the Chairman of the Nominating Committee. The single photograph will go to the Chairman. Note: If your candidate does not make the final ballot, the picture will be returned.

5. Your list of candidates must be approved by your Councils Board at their December meeting

6. At the January State meeting all Council Nominating Committeeman will meet and review the candidates resumes for each office, one office at a time, From this list of candidates, you and the other committeemen will select (by elimination ballot) two candidates for each office. Those so selected will be placed on the ballot for State Officers and be voted on by the Federated Clubs.

The second and most important part of your duties is the follow up work to get the clubs with in your council to vote.

STATE NOMINATING COMMITTEE people have the job of selecting the most qualified candidates for State Officers. Each candidate must have had previous experience in at least three (3) of the following positions:
     Club Officer
     Club Committee Chair
     Area Council Officer
     Area Council Committee Chair
     Area Nominating Committee Chair
     State Council Committee Chair

State Nominating Committee people shall meet during the weekend of the regular Winter meeting of theState Council at a time and place designated by the State President.

Each committee member should bring to the meeting a slate of prospective officers (not more than two for each office) for whom he/she vouches are currently members of a State Federated Club and are will in to have their names presented for State office.

From the group of candidates proposed, an eliminating process will ensue by vote of the committee members. Two candidates for each office will be selected to be placed on the ballot based on a majority vote of the Nominating Committee.

After the ballots are mailed to the president of each qualified club for their use in voting, it shall be your duty, upon request by the Nominating Committee Chair, to contact non-responsive clubs to ensure they have the ballots in hand and will handle per instructions received with the ballots.

State Nominating Committee shall attend two meetings each year, one in September (Fall) and one in January (Winter). You are authorized reimbursements by the State for these two (2) meetings only. Reimbursement will be made at the State Meeting based on Article XI of the State Standing Rules. You you attend the May (Spring) meeting you will do so at you own expense and liability.

Immediate Past President / Council Nominating

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