SAC Delegate

These officers shall perform the duties prescribed by these bylaws and by the parliamentary authority 

The area delegate to the state is to represent the council at all state meetings. He/She shall be empowered to vote on all regular motions at these meetings but shall not obligate the council in any manner regarding finances without the approval of the council. Bidding for a State meeting would be considered a financial commitment. 

Report the Council happenings, trying not to use club names. If you report one club’s events by name, other clubs may think that their events should also have been included. With 23 clubs and 3 associations it makes for a lengthy report.

You are Obligated to attend four State meeting, September through September, and be reimbursed for travel and lodging expenses as allowed by the State Federation. You are to report pertinent information discussed at the State meeting back to the council.

If you should be unable to attend the State meeting, Immediately notify the Council President so an alternate can be appointed.

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