Round Dance Chairperson

Standing Committee

It is the responsibility of the Round Dance Chairperson for the Area Council to review Cd’s of dances each month sent from the State Round Dance Chairperson. These Cd’s will have both cued and uncued music for you to review. There will also be cue sheets for each dance proposed.

You should work out the dances and dance them to see if they are suitable for a Round of the Month selection. Consider the music, choreography, and ease of sequence for cueing. You should also consider whether the cue sheet is readily understandable and well written. You then send your vote forward rating them in the order that you would like to see them accepted. Process is done by email or you can request ballots through postal delivery. It is critical that you respond as quickly as possible so that the State Chairperson can send out the notices of the dance that has won for the particular month. You will receive a notice of the new ROM usually by the 17th of each month preceding the month that dance is to be used.

You should then tender a report in writing to the Area Council at their meetings furnishing two copies (one for the Secretary and one for the President). You are also responsible for notifying your area Cuers of the selection and provide the cue sheet via email or postal service. 

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