Dance Schedule Coordinator

Standing Committee

The dance schedule coordinator is responsible for preparing a monthly dance schedule to be published in the Spokane Area Council newsletter. The newsletter is published ten times a year, September through June with the June edition covering June, July and August.

The dance schedule coordinator will coordinate with member clubs of the Spokane Area Council. The only events that will be listed are dances or workshops sponsored by member clubs. The schedule will include types and levels of dancing, dates and times of dances as well as scheduled caller and cuer. Additional information included is availability of hearing enhancement and the club's request for finger food. Theme information will not be included. Clubs are responsible for ensuring information is submitted to the dance schedule coordinator by the 1st of the month of publication. The dance schedule coordinator has until the 15th of the month of publication to provide the finished schedule to the newsletter coordinator.

Once the dance schedule is complete, it will be sent to the Spokane Area council newsletter coordinator in a format agreed to by the dance schedule coordinator and newsletter coordinator. 

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