Standing Committee

In March of the year, I ask the General Membership if they wish to continue the Pocket Calendar. This is usually done by a motion at the March General Meeting. If they want to continue the calendar, I get bids from printer that includes inputting the calendars, and the monthly notes at the bottom of each page. I provide the information in a ready form of the pages with club, council and state information and the advertisements at the back of the calendar. They scan the ads and the information pages. The bid includes this plus printing, assembling, Stapling and trimming the finished pocket calendar - white pages and yardstick cover color of my choice. In the past few years I have only gotten one bid, from Hearn Brothers Printing because they have been so reasonable, easy to work with and providing us with a very good quality calendar. At the May meeting, a motion is made to have whatever printer so the work with the cost of the printing included in the motion.

In April of the year, I contact each club and organization president and the advertisers form the pastier for updated information, changes, continuation of their ads. I have done it by snail mail so as to be sure the president gets the packet. I usually print the four pages on a particular color of paper so that we can identify it in future conversations. I usually have a data return dat of about the 20th of June so that I can get all the information together and have it ready by August 1st when I get it to the printer. All orders for calendars or advertising have to be prepaid before I will include them.

From the printer I ask for a proof copy before any printing is done. After I have the proof and have corrected anything (usually there is minimal error) I sign off on it being printed. I have a date of September 1st for finished deadline.

After I have the finished calendars,I package each clubs order by count and label in a zip lock bag and have them ready for the council meeting in September. I have each club sign for their calendars when I give them so that there will be no problems about who has them.

In September we usually send about 30 to the State Federation meeting for handout to the new officers and delegates.

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