What is Square Dancing?

Our Country's Favorite Pastime 

It's a new generation of square dancing. There is new music from Golden Oldies to Elvis to current hits. There are new dance steps, exciting new patterns that keep changing, and unique calls to learn.  Modern square dancing happens in school halls, dance halls, resorts, and cruise ships. Square dancers travel to new places all over the world. Even people who don't speak English square dance! You will find square dance clubs within most countries of the world including Japan, Sweden, and Germany. They dance in English but they don't speak it. Learn to dance and a whole new world of opportunities for fun, friends and fellowship will open up for you. 

It's About People from All Walks of Life 

Square dancers are people sharing a love of action and teamwork. Square dancers can be company presidents, or secretaries, or machinists, or farmers, or military, or doctors, or nurses, or any profession you can think of. When square dancers get together, they talk, laugh at each others  jokes, share memories, discuss dancing, or whatever they have in common. And, yes, all people are friendly and willing to visit. 

It's A Party 

Square dancing is party time every time you do it. Square dancing brings people together for fun and fellowship, even while learning how to do it. The fun starts right on the very first night. You meet new people and make new friends. And, the fun keeps right on going as long as you do. Most square dance groups meet once a week. It's a wonderful way to share a common interest with other people and to escape the worry and pressure of today's busy world.

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