What is Round Dancing?

Round dancing is a unique form of couple dancing, involving all rhythms and techniques from ballroom steps to free-style movements. A patterned succession of dance figures have been choreographically pre-determined for each given piece of music and performed in unison by any number of dancers arranged and moving in a circle.

Round dancing is intended to be a pleasure routine. The true joy of round dancing is experiencing the pleasures of having achieved a single and satisfying accomplishment from the joint efforts of you and your partner. Be assured that it takes no special talent to enjoy the individual pleasures of the activity. Take comfort in the fact that the success or failure of your efforts is purely individual and in no way infringes on the progress of others. Enjoy the freedom of selecting the pace and the degree of proficiency that best suits your purpose. 
Some examples of round dance rhythms are: Two step, waltz, fox trot, tango, (cha, cha, cha), rumba, swing, quickstep, samba, hustle, disco, jive, and mambo.

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