The Twelve Commandments of Square Dancing

1. You shall square dance only for the fun you will find in it. 

2. You shall not be a snob, considering yourself too good to dance with any and all, sitting out the mixers, or leaving a square if you are required to dance with those you think are unworthy of your talents.  YOU, too, can be the dancer to goof a square.

3. You will enjoy dancing, but not offend others. 

4. You will visit other clubs and dance to other Callers/Cuers so that your opinion will be based on fact. 

5. You will bathe diligently so that others may enjoy the fragrance of soap and antiperspirant. 

6. You will not have a visitor arrive and sit on the sidelines, nor fail to speak to him. 

7. You shall take care that your breath is not scented with an alcoholic beverage. 

8. You will be faithful and loyal to your club and if you cannot do this, it will be better for you to leave the club and join one whose methods and members are more to your liking. 

9. You will not harm the club by bickering and fault finding. 

10. You will not forget that YOU were once a beginner. 

11. You will not push, pull or drag a dancer around the square. Merely point the correct direction he/she should be taking. 

 12. You shall always wear your club badge to all square or round dances.

The Square Dancers Pledge

           With all of my ability I will do my best to keep square dancing the enjoyable, wholesome, friendly and inspiring activity I know it to be. This I pledge with sincere desire that it may grow naturally and unexploited in the coming years and be available to all those who seek the opportunity for friendship, fun and harmony - through square dancing.

 Spokane Area Council, Spokane, Washington - SpokaneSquares@icloudcom - 509-489-4492