The Fun of New Dancers

1.  They always think its their fault when a maneuver breaks down. I have had a new dancer apologize to me for a mistake I made. Always try to dance with a new dancer in the square - they think you are a great dancer.

2. New dancers bring lots of goodies. When new dancers are asked to bring a small amount of finger food to lessons they usually go overboard and bring a big dish. The only thing that dancers like better than dancing is eating.

3.  Meeting new dancers is a great way to enlarge your circle of friends. You can meet people who have all sorts of interesting jobs and hobbies. When you need help with an unfamiliar task I’ll bet you start going down your list of square dance friends to see who can help you. Going to lessons increases that list of friends you can borrow stuff from.

4. Laughter - Don’t you just love  the “deer in the head lights’ look that some new dancers get when the caller says he is going to teach a new maneuver? They get so intense. Hey friend, it is just a dance. Of course you flub it up a couple of times, just like we all did when we were starting. So we look like the Keystone Cops for a while, that is part of the fun. Relax and giggle.

5. Get off your flat side and get out of the house. You are always complaining that you don’t get enough exercise and you are letting a great opportunity to increase your heart rate pass you by. You pay good money to go to the gym and run on a boring tread mill when you could be running around the dance floor. Most clubs let the angels dance for free. You have to be somewhere, be at lessons.

6. Pay back - Think of all those nice angels that helped you through your lessons. Who were forgiving when you turned the wrong way They went on to be your friends and fellow club members. You owe it to them to continue their heritage of friendship and acceptance. 

7. If you want your club to grow and continue you have to help. If a club is not growing it is dying, just like a plant. As older leaves fall off, new ones are needed to take their place. Help those new leaves become strong and active parts of the square dance family tree.
            (We certainly have enough fruits & nuts among the branches.)

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