Medical Note

       There have been a several incidents where a dancer has told me that they have an injury and want other dancers to be careful of that area. They don’t want to stop dancing until it heals, but they also don’t want to do their part to protect the injury. 

     One recent occurrence was a lady who had surgery on her upper arm. There were several stitches and it was very tender. She had a large flesh colored bandaid over the site. It was hardly noticeable. I suggested that she wrap white gauze around the spot to flag it for the other dancers. She didn’t want to do that but she wanted every one to be careful.

     In a fast moving dance you can’t expect all of the other dancers to be aware of your injury and remember exactly where it is located. Square dancing is a full contact sport. We are holding hands, gripping forearms, touching shoulders and waists. We are laughing and singing with our minds on the calls. Your invisible injury is not at the top of our list.

      If you mark the site the other dancers will see it and be gentle. If you have a sprained wrist, wrap it or wear a brace. Even if it is only a slight injury make the area noticeable. Aggravating a slight injury will cause more pain and a longer healing time. You can’t put the responsibility on others to be aware of your problem.

     Even if the doctor has said you can stop wearing the sling during daily activities, put it back on for the dance. Your shoulder may be OK for driving and cooking but it is not ready for swing thru, star thru and California twirl. 

     A minor injury shouldn’t keep you off the dance floor. By protecting yourself you can still enjoy the dance. You may feel silly wearing a big bandage over a minor cut but you are not looking for sympathy. You are covering the area to give it the chance that it needs to heal. 

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