Lost Squares

The following is a excerpt from a Callerlab document published in 2007

If a square breaks down, the fastest way to resume dancing is to form normal (he/she/he/she) facing lines and watch for the rest of the floor to reach this formation. 

The caller will recognize when the broken square is in lines, and will assist them by taking the rest of the floor to lines and then calling “Everybody Go Forward and Back” before the next call.

 Dancers must learn that this movement allows them to resume dancing, but they may not end up with their own partner at the end of the sequence. 

They should be instructed to finish the sequence with their “new” partner and corner and “fix” partners & corners as they return to home.

Dancers form lines by the following:

1. Return to home position as soon as possible. 

2. Then the head ladies will take their corner's hand and
     head couples will back out to form lines at the sides of the square. 

3. On the caller's command, "EVERYBODY go forward and back",
      they enter into the dance pattern.

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