License Plates

     The original idea for a Washington State Square Dance License Plate started with Beth & Roger Barnes at the National Square Dance Convention in Salt Lake City , Utah in June of 1991. 

     The state of Washington was the 4th state to issue Square Dancer License Plates, behind Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Tennessee. By action of the State legislature, after more than a year of effort and negotiation by representatives of the State Square Dance Federation, the State Department of Transportation issued the above license plates effective July, 1993.

    Oklahoma followed two months later and there are now nine states with Square Dancer License Plates.

     Square Dance License Plates are available from any Licensing Agency. All you have to do is take your vehicle registration to license “Renewal Notice” to your local friendly Department of Vehicle Licensing Agency. To purchase a Square Dancer plate will cost $67.75 for a vehicle requiring two plates, plus the subagent fee and andy required registration fees. The $67.75 contains the $40 fee for the Square Dancer background, a $10 per plate original issuance fee, $2 per plate reflectivity fee and a $3.75 filling fee.

     Unlike most special plates there is not extra charge to renew a vehicle with a Square Dancer plate. If you change cars, the plates may be kept and transferred for a small fee. After 7 years, by state law, you must replace your plates.

When a plate needs replaced at 7 years the renewal fee will be $24 more than usual ($10 per plate original issuance fee and $2 per plate reflectivity fee) and if the customer wants to keep the same license plate number they can pay and extra $20. There is no extra fee if you accept a new number. These fees are state mandated. You may have additional fees charged by a private licensing agency, Your new Square Dancer Plate will expire exactly on the same date as the plates being replaced. Therefore you can make the change whenever you wish.

To request the latest edition (2014) of the SD License Plate Directory contact the Program Coordinator, Gailyn Ploeg or call 360-766-6729. Be sure to send the Program Coordinator your new plate number and identify your city and club name. To access and complete the "SQUARE DANCE LICENSE PLATE REPORTING FORM" ... click here

To the best of our knowledge there are currently about 900 registered Square Dance Plates on vehicles. It is our goal to keep the Washington State License Plate information as up to date as possible. Please send Gailyn Ploeg your latest license plate numbers by email, noting any new numbers and indicating the deletion of any old numbers. Please state your registered name, all Square Dancer license plates registered to you, your club name, your city of residence and to which Council you belong.

Benefits of Square Dance License Plates

Several years ago, while attending an Aqua Sox ball game for square dance promotion, our car was stolen.  When we made our report to the police we were advised that we would probably never see our car again as Honda Accords were the most common car stolen and it was probably on it's way to another state.  A week or so later we were called to come pick up our car.  It seems that an observant gentleman noticed the square dance license plate and felt that the two young men he saw exit the car were probably not square dancers.  He contacted the police to see if perhaps it might be a stolen vehicle.  The young men in question were caught in the process of burglarizing a nearby apartment.

In January of this year a friends vehicle was stolen and returned to him 20 days later after a traffic enforcement officer in the Capital Hill area of Seattle noticed a parked vehicle with square dance license plates.  He knew that he had not seen that vehicle in the area before so just on a whim checked the stolen vehicle register.

There is more then one reason to have square dance license plates!

Charlotte Wixon

Dudes & Dolls Square Dance Club of Lynnwood,

 Spokane Area Council, Spokane, Washington - SpokaneSquares@icloudcom - 509-489-4492