We found this cute little poem from the Canadian Square & Round Dance Society Facebook page and thought we’d share

IF (author unknown)

IF you can straighten out the square, when all the rest are lost,
IF you can dance with duffers, and never count the cost,
IF you can do A Bend the Line, while another four Square Thru,
IF you can still enjoy the dance, and they enjoy it too,
IF you can always wear a smile upon that shining face,
IF you can swing your partner with gentleness and grace,
IF you can dance with strangers, and make them glad they came,
IF you can meet with multitudes, and not forget a name
IF you can go to any dance, and willingly pay each dollar,
No matter the name or fame, of the individual caller,
IF you have your square break down, upon a simple call,
And never get uptight, and still can have a ball,
IF you can walk thru a figure, that you have known for years,
And you never get frustrated, or yet reduced to tears,
IF you can listen to the calls,, and never lose your cool,
IF you can mess the whole square up and never feel a fool,
IF you can guide a dancer, who feels a bit unsure,
And then can watch them make mistakes, with thoughts that are still pure,
IF you can come each night to dance, and never rig a square,
IF you can dance with one and all, My Goodness you are rare,
IF you can do all of the above, I'll tell you what to do,

Courtesy of Behind the Mike newsletter for Callers and Cuers

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