I just want to dance.

I want to come in late and go home early. -- I don’t want to be the first one there when the hall is cold and dark and be responsible for the keys and getting decorations up. Helping the caller and cuer with their equipment is certainly not my responsibility. I don’t want to stay to the end of the dance and help sweep the floor or wipe the tables. I have to leave right after break, I’m in a hurry to get out of the hall and beat the rush in the parking lot. (Some times I leave so soon, that I meet myself coming in the door.) I’m not allowed stay out late past my bed time. I can’t wait a few minutes in the coat room or I may get stopped on my way out by someone who wants to gab. They might be trying to get me involved in some thing. 

I just want to complain. -- When the hall is cold, the floor is dusty and the tables are sticky. I want to criticize the decorations. I want to sit on the far side of the hall away from every body and whine when no one talks to me. I would never go over and just start a conversation with a dancer I have never met. Of course, I refuse to wear a badge so that people can remember my name. I don’t ‘have to’ wear a badge because I am not in a club.

I will never join a club. -- Then I would have to become involved in all those ‘politics’. I don’t want to be president and be responsible for how the club interacts with the other clubs in the council. I don’t want to be VP and plan activities for the club. I don’t want to be secretary and take care of the minutes that are required to maintain our non profit status. And I certainly won’t be treasurer and deal with the money. I don’t even want to be a member and have my name on a calling list. They might ask me to do something with the area council.

I don’t want to be involved at the area council level. -- Why should I try to help coordinate the clubs in my area? I don’t want to help with big dances that involve getting people to work together. I might have to make phone calls and talk to people I don’t know. The maintenance of the hall is not my problem, find somebody who cares. It might take away from my T.V. watching time. Besides, the area council interacts with the state organization.

I certainly don’t want to get involved at the state level. -- Then I would be expected to dance with people from all over the state and plan things like the state festivals. I might get involved in the process to keep square dancing a non-profit organization. I could be asked to do promotions to get new dancers involved. There are a lot of things going on at the state level that I don’t want to know about, like planning a national convention.

I would not be involved with the National Square Dance Convention. -- The conventions are planned years in advance and I can't plan for next weekend. Never mind that there are many people, that have already been spending hundreds of hours and their own money, working to make the Convention a really great event. They are trying to get prepared for 6,000 dancers from all over the world. This is the largest convention in the world that is put on strictly by volunteers and I do not want to be one of them. 

I refuse to send in my registration ahead of time. -- That might give the committee some funds to work with so that they can get flyers printed and secure the halls. They are trying to set up a schedule of badge dances, work shops and after parties. They are coordinating callers and cuers from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. I can’t even plan in advance and mark my own calendar. Why should I make things easier for them?

I couldn’t possibly spare a few hours to volunteer at the Convention. -- I would rather stand in line and complain when I can’t get my registration packet fast enough. Wagon master, what a headache, don’t even ask me. I couldn’t help with the signs, I would rather complain when I can’t find anything. Help at the information booth, oh, no, not this kid.

I just want to dance.

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