Pattern for Living

Square Dance Style

( Fits all Sizes )

1.  IMPORTANT - There is so much satisfaction in being a square dancer, why not make everyone else happy that you are one by being the very best one you can possibly be.

2.  PLANNING THE LAYOUT - The attitude of  your ‘home’ club is reflected through you. No one dances well who tugs, strain, and generally looks unhappy about the whole thing. Easy does it - is the proper method.

3.  PATTERN ADJUSTMENT - A good dancer not only is a willing dancer, he or she is always gracious and willing when asked to do any job for the club, whether it be helping with refreshments or helping to sponsor the club caller’s class of new dancers. A good dancer doesn’t ‘clique’ for he realizes that the new and old dancer are very essential to the life and growth of square dancing. Adjust to them all in your dance pattern.

4.  CONSTRUCTION - A good dancer is a good listener as well. When the caller is explaining a new figure, don’t be a chatterer - be a listener and when it is called you’ll know it. Realize that your are only one piece of the whole pattern. The square as as whole won’t function without you, but you do realize that you’re only as important as the 7 other people.

5.  “SEAM” ALLOWANCE - Perhaps the most important aspect of being square dancer is the art of getting along with people. Actually, this merely means good manners. You as a dancer should constantly study and try to understand the actions of people about you. You’ll find this “seems” best.

6. “JOIN” IN THE LAUGHTER - Dancing is fun; don’t take it too seriously. Take time to nourish friendships. Take time to love and be loved. Take time to laugh, - at yourself as well as others.

7.  LIP “ZIPPER” - Keep your temper to yourself; it is useless to others. Talk to yourself if your inclined to exaggerate. “Lord, fill my mouth with the proper stuff, and nudge me when I’ve said enough.”

8.  MATERIAL REQUIRED - Love, Tact, Skill, Common Sense, Accuracy, Friendliness, Consistency and Joy.

9.  NOTIONS NEEDED - Elasticity, Variety, Sense of Humor, Interfacing of Forbearing, Backbone Stiffening, Lip Zipper.

Measurements:      How wide is your understanding?

                                             How long is your patience?

                                                                      How deep is your Love?

Copied from a 1977 festival book - Author Unknown

 Spokane Area Council, Spokane, Washington - SpokaneSquares@icloudcom - 509-489-4492