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1st Saturday -  October to August
     7:00 Plus with Phase III Rounds
     8:00 Mainstream with Rounds 

For dancers who have completed Mainstream Lessons.

To learn to Square Dance click here.  

 Finger Food - Hearing Enhanced

North Spokane Dance Center, 7424 N Freya, Spokane, WA 99217
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Caller - Rob Krum -  robvickik@gmail.com - 509-280-2035


President  - Peggy & Dwaine Brown - 509-489-3486 - debrown-plb@comcast.net
Vice President - Shannon Stone - 509-995-7680 - sstonecntrygal@hotmail.com
Secretary - Sue & Phil Robinson - 509-434-6285 - chaplinsue@hotmail.com
Treasurer - Bruce & Judy Ottoson - 509-475-3620 - bruceottoson@msn.com


Dance Schedule

April 7
May 5
June 2

Mainstream Lessons Start Tuesday September 25

Good evening Spokane Dancers,

The North Spokane Dance Center planning was originally begun in 1992, with building and finishing of the hall completed for the first major dance in 2003 to celebrate Jesse & Marguerite Villars’ MacGregor Award.  The maple flooring (originally from a gym in the Yakima area) was taken up and laid in our new hall.  Between 2003 and 2018, the dance floor was polished and renewed by dancers in 2009 and 2013. 

The polishing has served us well in the past.  However, with the 15+ years of dancing, the finish is wearing off so badly that the boards are nearing bare wood.  This is especially evident in the area nearest the stage and the circle where we round dance.  The floor needs to be preserved so that dancers may continue enjoying this hall for many years to come.  In the meanwhile, we have “chained off” one section where the floor is the most worn.  This building (just as in our own homes) needs maintained.

Please, do not move the chains to dance in this area. If a dancer should fall because of the roughness of the floor the NSDA insurance could be libel. If water is spilt on this area it will cause the wood to swell and buckle. Then we will have the expense of replacing boards on top of refinishing.

Repairs are URGENT, so that this “bare wood” does not allow moisture to accrue and destroy the level, smooth dance floor we enjoy!  The NSDA Board viewed the flooring, reviewed available options and determined we need to get this project in motion NOW.  Therefore, we have accepted Fred’s Floors LLC’s bid ($14,883.84) to sand and professionally refinish our North Spokane Dance Center’s hardwood floor. 

Although NSDA is sorry for the inconvenience this will cause, the repairs need to begin ASAP.  The hall will need to be closed for one FULL week (March 26-April 1).  On Palm Sunday, March 25 (2:00 p.m.), we will remove the tables and chairs from the hardwood flooring.  If you can help, thank you!  The board felt this timing would have the least effect on our clubs/dancers, since it is Passion week.  We can enjoy a quiet week and then rejoice in dance when the floor is beautiful once again!

Please inform all dancers, callers and/or cuers that there will be no dancing in the hall from March 25 through April 1. There will be NO dancer/entertainer access into the hall during those dates.  Once the flooring is sufficiently “cured”, we will be able to continue dancing on Monday, April 2, 2018. 

If you feel moved to donate for the floor refinishing, there is a jar on the front table for funds to help accomplish this important project.  As you know donations to NSDA (a non-profit organization) are tax deductible.   

Thank you, and Happy Dancing!

Respectfully, North Spokane Dance Association Board

The North Spokane Dance Center is for rent to the public. Please contact Karen at 509-489-4492 or spokanesquares@icloud.com for information and a copy of the contract.

 Spokane Area Council, Spokane, Washington - SpokaneSquares@icloudcom - 509-489-4492