2017 Washington Festival

2017 State Festival Meetings

December 11 - Sunday 2 pm at the NSDC

Spokane Interstate Fairgrounds

will be the site of the

65th Washington State
Square Dance Festival

Create a Dream

June 16 & 17, 2017

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Before the Festival Cruise


These are theChairmen and the Committee positions that have been filled. Look them over and see where youwould like to fit in.
There is a place for everyone.

Chairman- Bob & Claudia Amsbury
r.amsbury@comcast.net  509-328-5175

Asst.Chairman- Vern & Kathy Boggs
Vern - vern@boggs.net 509-993-1944
Kathy - kathy@boggs.net 509-979-5823

Amsbury Committees

Secretary- Judy & Bruce Ottoson
Judy -jdottoson1@msn.com 509-868-7321
Bruce - bruceottoson@msn.com 509-475-3620

Treasurer- Marlene & Gordon McCammond
marlie8mt@hotmail.com 509-328-5798

Caller- Mike Seastrom

Cuer- TJ & Bruce Chadd

Facilities & Signs- Jon Love - Earl Strickler
jonvlove@comcast.net Jon - 509-280-2035
Earl - 509-467-0793

Registration- Gordon & Bev Mustard
gdbemustard@centurytel.net 509-710-3787

Wagon Master- Jim & Sharon Cline
jscline@outlook.com 509-863-3223

Housing- Dwaine & Peggy Brown
debrown@outlook.com 509-226-0698 509-489-3486


Hospitality Room- Lolita & Ken Sutton
wsulottie@hotmail.com Sutton.ken@1.com 509-534-3457

Program Booklet- Kathy & Chris Magart
cmagart@yahoo.com 509-481-0331

Publicity- Pricilla Davis
ddavisp@aol.com 509-979-2607

Social Media-


Security - First Aid - Lost & Found- Ray Shumaker
Sewing Clinic- Karen & Dave Reichardt
squaredancesewing@icloud.com 509-489-4492

Trails in Dance- Spokane Area Council

Vendors- Barbara & Richard Snyder
richlsnyder@comcast.net 509-443-0126

Ways & Means- Diane & Larry Hartley
noneehartley@gmail.com 509-475-3031

Webmaster- Karen Reichardt
dkreichardt@gmail.com 509-489-4492

Boggs Committees

After Parties-

Badge Dances- Rob Krum
robvikik@gmail.com 509-768-7777

Caller Hospitality- Mindy Boggs
mindy@boggs.net 509-979-5420

Decorations- Kelly Hoff
garykellyhoff@msn.com 509-327-8996

Grand MarchCerimonies-

Pageant -Roger & Beth Barnes - Linda Congrove
mupsy@comcast.net 509-209-6539

Round Dance Programing- Nina Leisi
leisi@centurytel.net 509-235-1660 509-710-8608

Solos- Steve Scott - Mindy Boggs

Sound- Dan Preedy
sqdncdan@yahoo.com 509-238-2020

Square Dance Programing- Dave & Sharon Boggs
grizzlyboggs@aol.com 509-398-0757


Ways & Means

To purchase any of these items contact Diane at 509-475-3031or noneehartley@gmail.com.

All purchases must be Cash or Check ONLY.

There will be Ways & Means tables at many dances .

This is the 2017 Festival Quilt pieced by Joyce Strickler and quilted by Shirley Shirkey.

The tickets for this raffle are $1 each and will be sold through Ways & Means.

The symbol for our Festival is a hot air ballon and this one will make a beautiful addition to your yard or patio.


The balloon is 12" by 16" and the tail is 26". It is made of ripstop nylon and is sturdy enough to endure hanging outside.

Decorate your refrigerator or any other metal surface with this magnet of the 2017 Washington State Festival logo. It will remind you of the friends and fun of putting together a really big dance.


Everyone needs a sturdy tote bag to carry all of their stuff at the Festival. Extra shoes, snacks, camera, and all of those other necessities.


A water bottle is one of those necessities you will want to carry in your tote bag.. This beautiful cobalt blue bottle will be used for many years. It will travel with you to dances and other fun activities.



white or blue

up to XL $30 - XXL $32

Men’s and Lady’s polo

white or blue

up to XL $30 - XXL $32

T- Shirts white or blue

up to XL $15 - XXL $17

The perfectsouvenirof the 2017 Festival is this ceramic coffee mug that will bring a remembering smile to your face every time it is used.


This sewing book was written for the Idaho and Washington Festivals. They both chose a theme of that reflects travel. Idaho is traveling to the center of the universe and Washington is traveling by hot air balloon. The book contains sewing projects and ideas to make traveling to festivals easier and more fun. $10.00

This is the fabric that was chosen for this festival. It is 100% cotton, 43 incheswide. The largest balloons are about 4 inches tall.

This is very nice quality fabric a little heavier than the average quilting cotton. Itwashes well and needs just a little ironing.

The price is $7.50 per yard.

The balloons can be used in any way on the outfit. Any style or length. It can be anaccent panel or the entire dress.

Spokane Area Council, Spokane, Washington